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Patient Success Stories

"Dr. Beckerman changed my life! I had been going to the same Chiropractor for years but plateaued and wasn't getting any better. It wasn't until after my first session with Dr. Beckerman that I truly began to feel like I could live without back pain and start doing the things I haven’t done in years. He literally changed my life, and has been keeping me in adjustment ever since. I  highly recommend him.  You will never be the same, in a good way!!" 

Morgan Collier, Atlanta, GA 

“Dr. Beckerman has helped me tremendously. I had had a terrible headache for about a month and a half. After seeing several doctors ranging from an ENT to a Physician, I finally ended up here where I received outstanding chiropractic care. At first I was hesitant, but I had tried everything else. After two weeks of treatment, the headache went completely away and has not returned since. The intellectual understanding and passion for chiropractic that Dr. Beckerman possesses truly makes him the best chiropractor that one can see in Atlanta.” 

Matt Wilkes, Atlanta, GA 

"Good health! Two words I realize now I never understood. You changed that. I don't think I could adequately thank you for the gift of good health you have so generously given me. I enjoy my visits so much, and now I realize it's because of the type of man you are.  A sensitive, giving, energetic man!   There are so few of you. Thank you again for sharing your skills and sincerity." 

D.G., Santa Barbara, CA

“I learned a long time ago that Chiropractic care is vital for my own health and is extremely beneficial for everyone. I must be honest and say that I have gotten around when it comes to Chiropractors. I have seen too many to count and have even worked for a few. Every one of them had a different method of treatment. Some worked for me, and others did not. Several people I knew had been raving about Dr. Beckerman, so after hearing others sing his praises, I decided to give him a try. Dr. Beckerman is very friendly and caring, but most importantly, he listens. He takes his vast knowledge of the human body and combines that with how I feel on a given day to provide the very best adjustment I have ever received! This man knows his stuff and is very gentle, but gets the job done. I feel so much better now that he is my Chiropractor, and I recommend him to everyone!” 

Jody Mann, Roswell, GA

"Thank you so much for all you do… not only do you help me to feel better and to function better physically, but you have a true gift for finding the underlying cause of my pains and healing it. I lived in many different towns and cities over the last 38 years, and I’ve been a patient of Chiropractors all over the East Coast. By far you are the best Chiropractor I’ve ever had. You are the essence of excellence in your field. You raise the bar for excellence – and I’m not exaggerating… you are miles above the rest. Over the years, I’ve had many different types of injuries from dancing professionally, figure skating and lifting weights, and you always have helped my injuries to heal faster and more completely. There have been many times that you can just look at me, and know right where the underlying problem is. You are a true Medical Intuitive when it comes to healing. You are a true healer! As a Reiki Master, I’m very sensitive to energy and your hands have very strong healing energy emitting from them. You have true healing hands… and I’m grateful for all you do. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem like enough to say – you are appreciated greatly." 

Marilyn Meyer, RMT, Woodstock, GA 

"Words cannot express how much I appreciate your greatness! You really helped me get back on my feet again—literally--and I love knowing you are 'just around the corner.' Thank you for healing me. I wish you and your family every happiness." 

S. B., Atlanta, GA

"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the healing help you have given me. I have seen you on a number of occasions where I have had experienced acute pain from strained or pulled muscles in my lower back and in other areas. I am very active in my life and tend to experience these problems from playing golf and other sports. Prior to seeing you it always took several weeks for the injured area to repair itself creating a situation of extended pain and limited activity. When I have seen you for these problems, your adjustments, muscle techniques, and use of pressure points have given me virtually instant relief. It has been nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend your service." 

Tom Cramer, Atlanta, GA

"Thanks for my life!" 

Baby Liam, Kennesaw, GA (written by his Mom)