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In Balance: A Healthy Way To Live


Dr. Beckerman offers individualized holistic health care solutions to promote and maintain heath and well being. His“In Balance" approach to chiropractic care is an integrative, functional treatment method that combines traditional chiropractic adjustments, kinesiology, nutrition, and exercise to achieve the most balanced state possible for the body. 

Dr. Alan Beckerman


   With over 35 years of experience as a leader in chiropractic medicine treating both adults and children, Dr. Alan Beckerman's unique, intuitive skill in combining physical and holistic healing modalities has achieved marked success in transforming the body's way of functioning and interacting in the world.   

Patient Success Stories


  "Dr. Alan Beckerman is the most intuitively and profoundly gifted chiropractor I have seen. His innate skill and comprehensive, integrative approach to healing the body is really quite magically unique. Not only is Dr. Beckerman an amazing chiropractor, he has a wonderful heart. If anyone has a need to incorporate chiropractic care and holistic practices into their health and wellness regimen, I highly recommend Dr. Beckerman!" 

S.T., Atlanta, GA

Our Services

Chiropractic Treatment


  Although chiropractic treatment was once considered outside the mainstream of traditional medical practice, millions of people have felt the increased benefits chiropractic care provides. As health care models have changed, chiropractic treatment is now recognized as a robust form of alternative medicine. Dr. Beckerman provides high-level chiropractic care by utilizing a variety of specialized chiropractic techniques, and in many cases, offers successful alternative solutions to back or neck surgery. 

Auto Accident and Worker's Comp Injuries


  Many individuals who are involved in automobile accidents develop acute neck and back pain, headache, and even concussions from the effects of whiplash. In these situations, receiving quality chiropractic care early on will, most often, prevent these problems from becoming chronic. Early treatment is vitally important in reestablishing normal joint mechanics, relieving nerve pressure, and avoiding long-term chronic pain.  

Holistic Health and Wellness Care


  It is a common misconception that chiropractic services are only beneficial in treating neck and back pain. However, quality, effective chiropractic care has unlimited potential in healing the body in a variety of different ways. As our lives become more and more complex, rushed, and stressful, a new model of healthcare becomes increasingly necessary. To complement the chiropractic adjustment, Fusion Chiropractic and Wellness offers holistic and preventative services including nutrition, fitness, and weight loss counseling.   

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We are located next door to Atlanta Smiles and Wellness in the Post Riverside city center complex.

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