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More About the In-Balance Approach

 Fusion Chiropractic and Wellness offers a comprehensive and integrative approach to wellness, including lifestyle, stress management, fitness, nutrition, muscle balance, and spinal alignment. Through utilizing a combination of specialized, integrated skills in spinal adjustment and kinesiology, Dr. Beckerman is able to target specialized areas of the body that need more than simple routine spinal adjustments to produce optimum results.   

The “In-Balance” approach offers holistic preventative health care that can be used to compliment other medical practices. Dr. Beckerman offers non-invasive, conservative treatment alternatives to surgery and uses laboratory analysis and imaging when needed, to further aid in identifying misalignment, deficiencies, toxins, and endocrine imbalances.   

 Consistent spinal alignment and muscle balance, coupled with an active lifestyle, regular fitness regimen, and proper diet and nutrition are the building blocks and key components in achieving positive health and longevity. 


About Dr. Alan Beckerman

Dr. Alan Beckerman graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College and went on to establish a very successful practice in Santa Barbara, California treating families, world class athletes, and patients with severe injuries. For 15 years, he established himself as a highly sought after chiropractor, known for his knowledge and insight into patients’ individual healing processes, and ability to achieve results.  

To be closer to his east coast family, Dr. Beckerman returned to the Atlanta area in 1997, and shared his effective healing techniques while teaching at his Alma Mater, Life University.  As a teacher of chiropractic adjusting techniques and spinal analysis, he has helped shape the careers of many young doctors. Ultimately, Dr. Beckerman helps his patients achieve a genuine and lasting level of better health, less pain, and overall wellbeing.