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Services and Treatment

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care


 Conditions that can be successfully treated with chiropractic adjustment include back and neck pain caused by vertebral misalignment, muscle pull and disc protrusion including sciatica, headache and migraine. TMJ misalignment and immune system weaknesses can often also be alleviated with quality chiropractic care.   


Kinesiology techniques used for muscle testing  reveal various imbalances or dysfunction that may no

 Kinesiology techniques used for muscle testing  reveal various imbalances or dysfunction throughout the body that may not otherwise become apparent with simple, routine chiropractic analysis. More specific and specialized areas can then be targeted and treated. Nutritional supplements can also be added to the treatment regimen to achieve optimal results.   

Auto Injury


 Dr. Beckerman maintains a long-standing history of utilizing specialized chiropractic adjustment in the treatment of neck and back injuries due to automobile accidents. Without proper chiropractic treatment and consistent adjustment following an injury, there can be  in scar tissue formation that can cause long term problems in vertebral movement. The chiropractic adjustment reduces or prevents the formation of this type of tissue. 

Infants, Children, and Pregnancy


 Throughout his career in the chiropractic field, Dr. Beckerman has been treating asthma, earaches, allergies, and routine illnesses, infections, and immune dysfunctions in infants and children with marked success. Expectant mothers have gained much relief from chiropractic adjustment in reducing the increased stress placed upon the postural structures and musculature throughout pregnancy.    

Nutrition and Fitness Counseling


In addition to routine, preventative chiropractic care, proper nutrition and exercise are essential components of maintaining a health and wellbeing. Dr. Beckerman provides nutrition and fitness counseling to complement the chiropractic adjustment, and can utilize blood testing as needed to determine which nutritional supplements work best with each patient's individual needs.   

Athletic Injury


Dr. Beckerman has treated many professional and amateur athletes with different types of injuries both to the spine and the extremities. This would include injuries to the rotator cuff, tennis elbow, hip, knee and ankle, which typically involve sprained ligaments and strained muscles. Treating the underlying misalignment, as well as the myofacial trigger points, result in faster, more complete healing.   

Nutritional Supplements






ReVitalizePro: A Rehydration Supplement

   Formulated by Dr. Beckerman and nutritionist Dr. Denise Pickett-Bernard, ReVitalizePro is a rehydration beverage for both athletes and non-athletes alike. ReVitalizePro, or R3, is all natural, made without artificial dyes, preservatives or sweeteners, and contains the nutraceutical Sustamine® to assist with hydration and exercise performance. R3 also contains FruitX-B, which provides joint support in as little as seven days, and magnesium, potassium, and sodium chloride for electrolyte replacement.