Does Chiropractic Hurt?  Generally there is no pain associated with a chiropractic adjustment. Occasionally, when there is an injury there can be a moment of pain followed by a sensation of relief.

Will you relieve my pain?  In almost every cast that we have treated over 26 years, significant relief from pain is obtained.

Does Chiropractic treat migraine headaches?  Migraine headache occurs when the upper cervical vertebrae are in a dysfunctional relationship to one another. With very specific adjustments, Dr. Beckerman has had great success with treating migraine headaches. On many occasions relief starts right after the first treatment.

I have had an injury in a car accident a few years ago, took many pills, used heat and ice, stretched, exercised but I have never been quite right since. I get frequent neck pains, sometimes shoulder pain, and my low back always has some pain. Can Chiropractic help?  Following an injury, Chiropractic adjustment is necessary for more complete and better healing. Without the adjustment scar tissue can cause problems in how the vertebra are supposed to move in response to whatever you are doing. Even if it has been a while since the injury Chiropractic neuro-spinal adjustment will help.

I have been told that I have “carpal tunnel syndrome.” Do I need surgery?  Probably not. Carpal tunnel is usually caused by misalignment of a wrist bone. Adjustment of this bone usually alleviates the problem.

Can Chiropractic help me feel less fatigued? I need to just feel better.  In 30 years of practice, we have witnessed a return to energetic living many, many times.

Can Chiropractic help my sciatica?  Over the years, Dr. Beckerman has had dozens of cases of sciatica where successful resolution has occurred. In fact, he has helped many people avoid surgery for this very painful condition.

What is “holistic chiropractic” all about?  Holistic Chiropractic uses nutrition, energetic balancing even yoga type exercises to effect healing. While regular Chiropractic care can affect all the systems of the body, utilizing nutrition and energy balancing goes a bit further.

Can I control my health so that my severe pain won’t come back?  Of course this depends on what is being treated. However, even chronic problems respond very well to regular chiropractic care.  We have often heard the words, “if I only knew how great this worked, I could have started long ago and avoided all the pain and discomfort.”

My Doctor says that unless I can change my lifestyle she will need to start me on medications for my blood pressure and my cholesterol but I just can’t seem to do it by myself.  Can you help?  Of course. This is what the holistic approach to integrative medicine is about. Exercise, nutrition and adjustments go together to cause a return to health. Dr. Beckerman can be your health coach.

Will you listen to my story? Yes. One of the most important parts in determining the true nature is to listen to what the patient says. After all they have been living with their problem and very often their comments are a great aid in knowing how to proceed.

Can I receive both conventional and alternative medicine? Yes, But sometimes it can be a balancing act when it comes to nutrition. We would need to determine if nutritional protocol could be used instead of or in addition to meds. This requires the cooperation of your medical doctor. Chiropractic care and energetic balancing can be utilized with conventional medicine. Often the alternative approach works better and conventional medicine’s side effects can be reduced or eliminated, saving money and aggravation.